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March 11, 2012


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Thats great to hear DG. I always thought your support for the war didn't make much sense coming as it did from an otherwise sensible contributor.


I've been reading over our old discussions on this. You guys were right all along. Sorry I didn't see it sooner.


Another point to make about these night raids is that they help to create the insurgency they are supposedly trying to root out. When innocent people are shot, brutalised and dragged away to prisons for who knows how long then, aside from the fact such brutal treatment of innocent people is abbhorent, it only results in recruitment and support for the Taliban.


The mother of one of the victims puts it into context:

'"They [Americans] killed a child, who was two-years-old. Was this child a Taliban [member]?

"Believe me, I have not seen a two-year-old Taliban [member] yet. There is no Taliban here. They [America] are always threatening us with dogs and helicopters during night raids."'


Being terrorised in the middle of the night by NATO dogs is normal for people in parts of Afghanistan.

Darren Midgley

After what has happened in Afghanistan recently, culminating in the slaughter of 16 Afghans by a rogue US soldier, it wouldn't surprise me if the Taliban has grown in number.

Am I alone in thinking that whatever trust the Afghans had in us has now been completely eradicated and that we will never get it back?

The US Soldier involved should be tried, but based on Afghan law, not US law.

as for Afghanistan, we should now extricate ourselves before any more of our troops get hurt/killed in any recriminations, and before our country's reputation gets any further tarnished from our involvement in Afghanistan.

Paul - Keep up the good work on this, hopefully one day your voice will be heard by the powers that be.

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