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February 07, 2012


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Miss Represented

'...the staggeringly talented Goldie Lookin Chain—a group with immense chutzpah.'

Yeah, their song 'Your Mother's Got a Penis' displays a really intelligent and insightful grasp of contemporary transgender politics: I mean, it really takes a genius to realise that ftm transmen have their phalloplasties prior to SRS and thereafter prefer to be referred to as 'her'!

Yay verrily, it doth take sooo much 'chutzpah' to target an already intensely persecuted and derided minority group like transsexuals for ridicule and - hey, what's more - all this makes me feel sooo safe as a Newport transperson myself that I always need to make sure I'm back in the safety of the house by at least the devastatingly late time of eight o' clock pm or else I'll be beaten, raped and murdered to a pulp!! Hallelujah!!!


Ah, finally been able to get to it.

Here's the link to the full discussion


What to do in London

A lot of positive interaction found in this post. I enjoy reaing it. thanks.

Jezreel Ricafort

Thanks for sharing Paul.


You made a reasonable and humorous point on parody Paul.
It might have been worth mentioning that the original parody did suffer a DMCA takedown by EMI (which of course only led to far more versions popping up online) although GLC's parody of the parody did not suffer the same fate.
Which surely suggests that websites and people posting on them clearly need more protection from frivolous, pointless and insufferably asinine copyright claims than they currently enjoy.


On a separate but I believe rather interesting point, our current approach to copyright and IP costs Europe a net loss of appx 6 billion Euros with that money flowing into the US.


Suggesting that really we should reconsider our whole approach to global trade.


It was about this was it?

With Mr Wishart taking up the cudgels because the report suggests rather mildly that current IP law or its implementation may actually be more harmful to UK business rather than beneficial.


Paul Flynn

It was in Westminster Hall this morning. My contribution was a shameless bit of Newport nationalism following the recent hammering the city has had. There were more weighty contributions. It all on the UK Parliament site.


What debate was this Paul?

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