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October 19, 2010


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Nice to have a reminder of how lucky we are to have an MP that blogs fact and allows comment

"MP Nadine Dorries says her blog is '70% fiction'"



Re US B61's in Europe, did you catch Bombspotting's recent little video of their walk around Kleine Brogel airbase in Belgium? They apparently managed to take a photo into an unattended open Hardened Aircraft Shelters which quite probably was storing a nuclear-sharing B61!



Even though it may have held an unattended nuclear weapon, it was in a WS3 (Weapons Storage and Security System) underground Vault, and the Bombspotting contingent kept out of the WS3 electronic sensor range - so it would still have been fairly secure. It is generally believed that 20 B61s are stored in Kleine Brogel's 11 WS3 vaults, so it is quite probable that the photographed WS3 held at least one B61.

Nevertheless a remarkable video to watch, adding to the pressure on the US to withdraw the NATO nuclear sharing B61s - well worth watching. It is shocking that NATO hasn't got rid of these yet, given they are against the spirit if not letter of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Most interesting that the Bombspotting crew managed to identify an external feature that apparently shows if a particular Hardened Aircraft Shelters is equipped with a WS3 Vault, so potentially contains B61s. Wonder if the Soviet Union/Russia ever worked that out as well?


sorry for getting snappy with you at this sad time for you. didnt read earlier post of your brothers death


you couldnt sort the nuclear energy calamity when your party was in power 13 yrs so what makes you think you can do anything about it now?
your wasting your time like your fights over iraq,afghanistan and the pharmas

your just going from one fight to another not winning a round, never mind winning any battles.

how about fighting the next 5 years for your constituents with all these cuts about to fall on them.

there's only one cut you could be sure wasnt in todays chancellors speech and that was to politicians.

you and the bankers are the only winners in this mess.

i would expect mp's to lead the way if they think these cuts are essential and cut 25/30% of the mp's in parliament.

how about getting the unions out on the streets and get fairness for the normal person on the street.

if you cant fight this unjustice your not worth representing newport.

or is it a case of "i'm all right jack"


Paul one of the benefits of building the Severn Barrage, apart from energy production, is the opportunity to have a roadway between Lavernock and Weston which would cut out the bottlenecks at the junction of the M4/M5 and Avonmouth Bridge. These bottlenecks not only harm the environment but also commerce and industry as well as tourism.

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