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October 20, 2010


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Jane Grandon (Gristock)

Mike was my god-father. I remember him trying to stick me in a grow bag when I was about 7 because I was so short (still am) and auntie Mo telling him to behave.

Many happy memories in the TA's, Cardiff castle and at his home in Landaff north.

We lost touch in the mid 90's. I remember a great man who loved his family.
What a lovely tribute to your brother xx
R.I.P Uncle Mike

Paul Flynn

Thats very kind of you. I will pass your thoughts on to other members of the family.

Paul Flynn MP

M.P.Newport West,

01633 262 348/ 0788 792 5699/ 020 7219 3478

Twitter: @paulflynnmp


Blog: paulflynnmp.co.uk

Brian mchatton

I worked with Mike in the Jane hodge home during the early 70's. He was an enthusiastic energetic man that worked very hard to give the guests a memorable holiday. We had many a pint together and he left a great legacy behind him. R.i.p my old friend.


As for many of us Mike was a significant influence in the lives of those who new him through Llandaff cadet division StJAB. My thoughts go out to family both those I knew and their children.


A moving tribute, I certainly wouldn't describe Aberfan as an "accident" however


my deepest condolences to you and your family.
may your brother be at peace and in happiness forever.

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