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October 21, 2010


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Kay Tie

I have seen the financial crisis blamed on the equivalent of an old lady. So perhaps these questions are not so odd after all.


Or also from the first page of chapter one of Neal Stephenson's novel "Anathem"

"Do your neighbors burn one another alive?" was how Fraa Orolo began his conversation with Artisan Flec

Followed by

"Do your shamans walk around on stilts? You might call them pastors or witch doctors"


"When a child gets sick, do you pray? Sacrifice to a painted stick? Or blame it on an old lady?"


Reminds me of the questions asked by the reporter in Paul's "Ryder Cup rapture" post of the 27th(?) Sept.

Kay Tie

"Where do you get this stuff from, KayTie ?"

A teacher friend told me, and I thought "that doesn't ring true" so I asked here - where else can i find so many politically-aware Welsh people in one place that can answer my question?

Paul Flynn

Where do you get this stuff from, KayTie ?Children in Wales who are bilingual speak better English that children who speak only one language. Most children are free to attend bilingual school or not the alternative is to learn Welsh as a second languge that all school children do now. Welsh speaking is a qualification only where it is essential for the job.

Kay Tie

I'm not making a point. I'm asking for information. You probably don't know what the English are saying about what happens in Wales, but it includes things like learning English being prohibited until 13. These things don't ring true hence my question.


No it's not KT but is it true that no teachers who speak only Welsh can work in state schools in England?

Kay Tie

Is it true that no teachers who speak only English can work in state schools in Wales?

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