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June 01, 2010


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No matter what the specific details of the latest controversy are, Israeli governments and politicians have not been dealing fairly.

There is a line of argument driven by Islamophobia that Israel is in fact a victim instead of a human rights abuser and a consistant rebel against international consensus and the agreements it reaches.

Gaza has been blockadaed for years. Israel's Zionists still found reason to bombard it because a few home made rockets reached over the wall. Anyone who is interested in the Gazan side of the story will begin to realise the consequences of these circumstances.

Justice must be rigourously upheld for all sides. It doesn't depend on how white they are, how economically involved we are or how many tanks and rifles we sell them.

The British media is biased toward Israeli Zionists. The Gazans are prisoners and I don't think these POOR people are being supported.

The rest of the world is bigger than harcore zionism, but make no mistake this is the focus of the modern world. It spills over. It was obvious before 9/11.

Israel can talk all it likes about Islamists. Its behaviour is even worse and it is in fact the dominant party. Start acting fairly instead of pleading some special case. The holocaust has nothing to do with this quagmire.


I don't think the 'hard right', Zionist element in Isreal is interested in anything other than dominating the whole of Palestine. Why do we hear about Muslim etremism as an excuse for Israels overwhelming brutality? What about Zionist extremism?


You're kind of skipping the fact that Turkey is Israel's closest ally in the region dave.

Israel's blockade of Gaze is illegitimate.
It's boarding of the ships in international waters is illegitimate.

Israel and anyone else who fancies can spin all they like, the condemnation they are receiving is for the criminal and violent acts they perpetrated.

Classic to make the victims out to be the bad guys, it's been used by many peoples and nations over time but in modern times has been used by Israel more than any others.

When IDF personnel are standing over dead bodies, there is no question what happened, only how long it will take for the truth to be acknowledged by Israel and their more fervent supporters.


are you for real huw

if i had an armed robber robbing my house i would let him carry on.

take it all would be the only thing i would say.

my life is worth more than property.
it would be stupid to give him provocation to shoot me.

i wouldn't threaten him with an iron bar or throw stun grenades at him.

the problem was radicals onboard hoping to get this outcome "
Yup, they were just hoping and praying to be shot dead.

they call it martyrdom huw and these islamists will use women,children,whoever to succeed in their cause.
suicide bombers are a fav and there's plenty of volunteers.

these radical islamists are trying to envoke the ummah to rise up against israel and then it will be the west.

as for nazi's huw i remember there were islamic boffen ss units like the skanderbeg division and 13th ss handzar divison that slaughtered and raped across the baltics.

the mufti of jerusalem and the nazi's got on well having many similar ideas on the eradication of the jews.

what is the state of the ummah at this time huw?

this group is determined to cause a war between arab countries and israel.
there is talk of a turkish navy ship escorting the next aid ship.
we all know israel will sink the ship and go to war with any arab country that fancies a go.

doesnt turkey occupy half of cyprus.
doing just what they accuse israel of doing with palestine.

this group doesnt want to deliver just aid, it is trying to re-open a port so weapons can be brought into palestine,which will be used against israel.

Kay Tie

What a complicated mess. I have received so many conflicting reports I have no idea what to think or who to believe.


"watch your peaceful aid givers throwing objects,stun grenades and swinging iron bars,chains etc at soldiers about to board the ship."

Trying to defend themselves from heavily armed pirates.

"if they had allowed the soldiers on board this incident would not have happend as it did."
Do you regularly allow armed robbers onto your property to take your stuff Dave?

"the problem was radicals onboard hoping to get this outcome "
Yup, they were just hoping and praying to be shot dead. That'll show 'em they said.
Get any tougher with us and we'll encourage you to shoot our kids as well just to make you feel worse.

Anti-semitic feeling is no higher or lower than it ever is, there's always some tosspot out there trying to dehumanise people.
Neo-nazi's do it about blacks and jews and the Israeli's do it about Palestinians, calling them animals and while depriving them of basic necessities talking about putting them "on a diet".

Anti-Israeli feeling however is a different matter, despite Israel attempting to cast everyone who is critical of it's criminal acts as being anti-semitic.

"the uk navy boards ships in international waters and will fire on the crew and ship if attacked whilst boarding.
and they have done this."

They have also invaded countries in breach of international law and allowed the US to transport kidnapped people through UK controlled territories with the intention of imprisoning and torturing them.
One countries crimes does not mean another countries crimes don't count.



watch your peaceful aid givers throwing objects,stun grenades and swinging iron bars,chains etc at soldiers about to board the ship.

if they had allowed the soldiers on board this incident would not have happend as it did.


i think israel was justified in doing as it did.
the uk navy boards ships in international waters and will fire on the crew and ship if attacked whilst boarding.
and they have done this.

they were warned before they left turkey and before boarding.

the problem was radicals onboard hoping to get this outcome [putting palestine back in the news].
they are using innocent british peaceniks
who do want to help palestinians to cause diplomatic problems and bring the british government into their fight.

i would like to know why our immigration system gives british passports to islamic fundamentalists who come here crying they want sanctuary then allows them to go abroad to cause diplomatic problems/tensions.
i would take their citizenship off them and deport them.

the enemy is using our democratic way of life as a weapon and we are allowing it.

david and ed milliband being jewish wont come out and critisize israel.
how do you think these brothers will be looked upon by the islamic world if one is selected as labour leader or becomes prime minister.
we wont have good diplomatic relationships with half the world.

antisemetic feeling have never been so high around the world.


Curious how what happened is.
Heavily armed pirates boarded a ship in international waters and though the crew and passengers attempted to prevent them doing so, they were overwhelmed by the pirates and nine of their number were killed.
The pirates then proceeded to take all the passengers and crew hostage.
They have been releasing them in dribs and drabs since but for some reason, the state that controls these pirates is able to get away with 1 committing these crimes 2 with using legitimate sounding terms like "deporting foreign activists" to replace the more accurate "releasing some of our hostages"
We surely should wonder why these pirates' preferred terminology is used by reporting outlets like the BBC, CNN et al., I'm sure the Somali pirates would like to determine what words are used to describe them and their actions, but for some reason we don't apparently feel that we should.

Wonder what a Somali pirate story would look like
"Somali pirates today interdicted a ship travelling through Somali controlled waters without proper documentation.
The passengers and crew are currently being held until the necessary documentation fees are paid.
A spokesman for the Somali pirates today said they are fed up with the reaction from certain countries which refuse to acknowledge their right to control shipping in their waters and further went on to state that the UN and everybody else are biased against them and that they are only doing what is necessary to survive"


and from the indispensable Robert Fisk



Decent comments from Mark Steel here



Sod it, no one is going to hold Israel to account, no point in pretending otherwise.

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