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May 16, 2010


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dave, the government has a majority, the opposition cannot stop them from doing anything.
As the loyal opposition however it is their job to scrutinise and question.
At times this can be done on a purely obstructionist basis which is a bit of a pain but it is nonetheless important that the government be checked on and held accountable.
As you saw when the tories, stupidly and pig-headedly with faux patriotism, supported the New Labour government in breaking international law to go to war with Iraq, dire results can happen when the opposition chooses not to oppose.
As Paul often points out, sufficient labour MPs rebelled against the government on that occasion that if the tories had also voted against the war as Plaid, the SNP and the LibDems did, then the government would not have been able to claim the support of the house in its actions and Britain might not now have the blood of tens and hundreds of thousands of men, women and children on its hands.
If the proper opposition and proper scrutiny of the digital economy bill had happened, we might not now have a set of laws on our statute books, written by and for the entertainment industry and against the average citizen.
Government's job is to govern, the oppositions job is to oppose, preferably only where such opposition is warranted but there are always differences of opinion even where there is broad agreement and the place for those differences to be brought out and debated is, at the very least, in parliament.

Paul Flynn

Your contributions Dave have been wildly anti-Labour and anti the previous Government. You forecast my demise and the obliteration of the Labour Party. You were hopelessly wrong twice.
Overnight you have become a Government groupie and loyalist. Why should we believe you now? You did not answer my question on your forecast that Labour would be wiped out in Newport West? Again, why were you so wrong?


the election is over and now its time to do the right thing for our country.

i hope you will be actually working for your constituants and the country.

the last thing we need is a labour party stopping practical and affective changes that will help the country and get us out of this mess.

it is not a time for political point scoring but a time when we need all politicians working for the country and not just for their party.

the people will be watching closer than ever when key votes are made and if labour is seen to jepordise the country moving forward they wont forgive them.

politicians will be seen as traitors if they vote just to please their party rather than voting for something they know will benefit the country.

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