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January 18, 2010


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Mark G.

Mr. Flynn,
Please take time to read the editorial in the local South Wales Argus tonight - Newport 61st out of a possible 64 worse cities in the UK to come out of recession. Lets all not be negative - put a positive slant on this for your blog - we're three places off the bottom of the table!

Quote "The reputation of failure will put off future investors"

What future investors?

Now compare this with our neighbours Cardiff and Swansea where there has been real investment in PRIVATE enterprise - am I missing something here?
Three cheers for the Government,Newport MPs and WAG members!



Appreciate the reply. I'm aware you live in Newport, was being mischievious.

I too know unemployed people, lots of them: recent education leavers; recently redundant factory workers, out-of-work engineers etc. What do they all have in common? ...little prospect of immediate work within Newport.

Seeing that you believe the findings of the unknown group to be negatively construed, perhaps you could give us the details of the forthcoming investment that is about to impact upon the rising levels of unemployment within Newport?

Mine isn't an anti-Paul Flynn stance, nor is it anti-Labour. However, I do tend to concur that the outlook for the town is very bleak.
Certainly, there is no news on the horizon to suggest a different direction. Unless you know different?

Kay Tie

"The reputation of failure will put off future investors"

We're talking about Newport? Or Gordon Brown's Britain? You see, I get so confused. I thought last week it was all about soak-the-rich "fairness" and hang the consequences. Now this week it's all about aspiration and come to welcoming investor-friendly Britain. You'll have to explain, because I can't be the only one who can't understand these rapid about-face manoeuvres.

Kay Tie

"We have weathered the credit crunch without many of the problems suffered by other countries."

Hey, it ain't over til the fat lady is in the dole queue.

Seriously, if you think we're through this mess you've got some history to read up on. Remember the recession of 1978? That was merely a prelude, held at bay by deficit spending until the reckoning of the early '80s recession.

But let us watch it all play out. Nothing we think or say is going to change the economic reality, so we might as well keep observing.

(I will note that your predictive track record is spotty: your happy-happy-joy-smile event of Iceland repaying the Icesave losses that you relayed a few weeks ago turned out to be false joy).

Paul Flynn

The Independent has a valued unique role in British Journalism. MPs should comment if a possibly unsuitable editor is to be installed.

Paul Flynn

Tomo, I don't 'visit' Newport, I live here. I am a regular viwsitor to the Job Centre - not that the press would be interested. I have been in the situation when I lived on benfits. It's not something you forget.
A charity has asked me to spend the day with an unemployed young man. Even though I know many unemployed people, young and old, I agreed to do this. It's a strange idea that MPs are not in contact with the unemployed and all other people with serious problems.


Isn't it slightly problematic soliciting the opinions of Parliament on whether or not a particular person is appropriate to edit a national newspaper?


Mr Flynn,

Next time you are in Newport, please attend the job centre for a few hours; also, kindly involve the media.
Ask the ever-increasing numbers looking for work if they agree with the assessment of the "think-tank" or your optimistic outlook.

There is no prospect of work for many and for those of us who still have the time/opportunity to do so, the only option that remains is to move.

Why is it that the Labour party are so silent on the unemployment catastrophe that is sweeping across Wales?

Paul Flynn

This is negativity bias rampant. Alleged bad news is welcomed, exaggerated and repeated even when it comes from a body without any reputation for reliability or objectivity.

The unemployment total for the two constituencies of Newport West and East is 5,000. Too high? Of course. But when I stood first as a parliamentray candidate it was more then 14,000.
Cheer up, there is a great deal of encouraging news. We have weathered the credit crunch without many of the problems suffered by other countries. In retrospect the Goernment will come out of this well as the thorough two hour Channel Four illustrated.

Patrick is right in that the economy of Newport is under dire threat if there is a Tory victory. They intend to slash and burn the vital public sectors job in Newport.

I have had the experience of claiming dole in the early eighties. Not many MPs have.Newport has suffered the dreadful blow of the closure of Novelis and the loss of the skills involved. Unfortunately it was not possible to save it or Anglesey Aluminium even with a large amount of public money.

But there is no point is running the city down. The reputation of failure will put off future investors and discourage those those key worker we are attracting to the city to boost jobs for local people. When the Patent Office came here many years ago, the run-down reputation of Newport as an industrail town was off-putting. Now those jobs are largely filled by local people. Yes, of course we have problems. but we should not accept uncritically the bad opinuion of others.


Gosh Kraft must be quaking in their boots after Brown 'warns them on jobs' ..

We don't have a policy of blocking foreign buy outs of UK companies and this is a private company - so Brown is just wasting his breath and its posturing of thw worst kind..

If Kraft want to cut jobs they will and Brown can whistle all he wants .. it will make NO difference

Mark G.

Dear Mr. Flynn,
Are you that far out of touch with reality? The BBC (UK)report named four other cities also predicted to suffer the same fate as Newport. It is depressing to think the only response you can give to this article is to champion the over burdening public sector "SUCCESS" of Newport and plead with NCC for support. A balanced blog - me thinks not!
Wake up and smell the coffee Mr. Flynn

Kay Tie

"..hey ho, not very cheery this morning but it seems to me that the next few years are going to be tough and I really don't envy the party that takes this lot over "

Yes, it's going to be grim. And the grimmer it gets, the brighest and best will leave. It used to be this way for generations in Ireland, and it used to be like this in the 1970s. That's the worst legacy of this decade of Labour incompetence.


Quite .. its gets worse in another respect in that over 50% of the jobs in Wales in 2006 were either in the health, education and public administration sectors or in wholesale, retail, hotels and restaurants. Source: ONS

So if BOTH main parties are planning cuts I wonder what effect that will have locally

So if I was looking for a party to vote for for it might have a policy of making industry more attractive to an area but..

Complying with business regulations costs small companies £12bn per year and 37 hours per month, according to data released by the Forum of Private Businesses (FPB).

..and then ..

Dominique Strauss-Kahn (IMF) said countries should not exit from stimulus packages that have bolstered growth through huge amounts of government spending..

..but we don't have the money NOT to cut these programs back ..

..hey ho, not very cheery this morning but it seems to me that the next few years are going to be tough and I really don't envy the party that takes this lot over


What has public sector jobs got to do with a strong business base?

Newport is stuffed full of public sector jobs and when the Tories win the next election what is their top priority?

"Reducing the deficit in the public finances was regarded as the top priority issue by most Tory candidates"

Which new businesses coming to Newport will then employ all the redundant civil servants?

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