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December 23, 2009


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Unfortunately Politics is about belief and ideas rather than science and reality.

When these 2 often opposing points of view clash scince and reality is the loser over moral bullying and the impostion of beliefs on a population.

Eventually the truth about what is happening to our planet whether global warming is real or not the rapid degradation of our planet and the wasteful use of the finite planetary resources is not eventually politicians will have to wake up from their fantasy world and address reality lets hope its not too late


It would be nice, KayTie, if at some point the electorate be given a say on whether or not they want a continued 'pooling' of sovereignty - because as far as I can tell all three main parties are pretty much identical on the matter.

I'm 30-something, and as far as I can tell have never had the opportunity to give my opinion on whether or not I think the EU should be anything more than a free trade zone. I find it amusing (only not really), that my parents voted me into a 'Common Market' that now has a president, very few national vetoes, a 'self-amending treaty' and a European Court of Justice.

Cameron's position imo was always dishonest, because it was pretty obvious that everything was going to be completed by the time he takes office - so effectively, it was an empty, meaningless promise by a British politician.

Boris Johnson is a buffoon, but I admired his admission that the public deserved some sort of consultation on the Lisbon Treaty, ratification notwithstanding.

I just found Paul's statement, "If only we could become an independent nation with our own foreign policy." hilarious considering his party has given up so much, with so little consultation.

Kay Tie

"the government (and Cameron) weaselled out of offering the electorate a referendum on a re-badged EU constitution was outrageous. "

The Government weaseled out, yes. I can't agree that Cameron did: he's not in power, and he has no ability to offer a referendum on a now-ratified treaty. Of course, we could actively withdraw from it (as we could from the various treaties on drug prohibition) but that's a very different kettle of fish.


"If only we could become an independent nation with our own foreign policy."

Totally agree with you Paul. The Lisbon Treaty is a disgrace, and the way that the government (and Cameron) weaselled out of offering the electorate a referendum on a re-badged EU constitution was outrageous.

It's interesting the only referenda people get are the ones 'our' representatives think they can win.

Kay Tie

Paul, do you know whether Eliot Morley voted for the bill to remove the right of silence in police interviews? If so, he ought to know that the jury can infer guilt from his "no comment" stance.

The irony of Labour MPs suffering the consequences of their own authoritarian laws is so delicious it must be fattening.


"Like the vast majority of people in Newport I think that barbaric act of letting dogs tear foxes to pieces with their teeth shouldn’t return to our countryside."

Boxing Day hunts will take place all over Britain as usual.

More people will hunt and more foxes will be ripped apart than before 'the ban'.

Nobody will stop them. The police will do nothing apart from participate themselves and arrest the odd anti.

Paul Flynn

Amended to 7 billion. Well spotted KayTie. Just testing whether you are awake

Kay Tie

"13 billion humans were under threat from the melting ice."

Shocking stuff. Presumably the dead ones in graves are counted to get to 13 billion? Or did you just make it up without knowing how many people are alive?

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