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June 04, 2009


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Thanks Paul. When I posted, it wasn't clear from the article that charges were still being considered in some cases; I see that's been amended now.

Paul Flynn

DG, as I understand it, there are three possible prosecutions from the information supplied by the Telegraph. All the others appear to be within the existing rules of the Green Book and Tax rules. Both are extremely permissive and allow ludicrous claims. But they are not illegal as far as I can see. I am open to correction.

Kay Tie

"It is these fantastic qualities that have led you to into a situation that, sad as it is, you had to take action upon"

Indeed, as Operation Valkyrie swings in to action, the brave will do what they can. I just hope Paul gets a cigarette and a blindfold instead of piano wire..

Kay Tie

"it takes real guts to do as Gordon is doing and take this country through the other side of the recession."

What a bizarre view of the world you have. Gordon isn't going to "take" this country through anything: the millions of people living here will do that by living their lives according to their changing circumstances. Gordon can, at best, tinker around with the gewgaws of Government programmes - he's not Moses leading the people to the Promised Land, no matter how many times you sing Jerusalem at your gatherings.


Dear Paul,

This decision can easily be seen as a cheap shot, or attention seeking announcement by yourself, but anyone familiar with your served duties, opinions and results over your career would know that your constituents and then the labour party are at the heart of your passion

It is these fantastic qualities that have led you to into a situation that, sad as it is, you had to take action upon

You’re a rare breed amongst politicians Paul, long may you continue


Dear Paul

I totally disagree with you and found it appalling that you just feed the Tory media with your remarks on the TV tonight.
You spoke about a new leader being better placed to win an election 'NEXT YEAR.'
You know very well that there would have to be a much earlier general election if we were to change leader again and we would be routed. How does that help the party?
Its easy to go on TV and make cheap shots at the PM, it takes real guts to do as Gordon is doing and take this country through the other side of the recession.
You are dancing to the tune of the Tory media and I am feeling very let down by you.

George Laird

Dear Paul

Your Pal, Ian Gibson has resigned.

I hope he considers standing as an independent.

I am sorry that he didn't get treated fairly but that is the nature of the Labour Party you are a member of.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University



I knew it. Snuck out while everyone's focused on the election results. The fraudulent MPs that make the good ones look bad are going to get away with it.

""It is for the Commons and the Lords authorities to decide whether they wish to consider these cases..."

In other words, it's for MPs (and the people who WORK FOR MPs) to decide whether or not there will be prosecutions. Clearly, laws are for the "little people," not the likes of them.

AS for "The panel's view ... that, unless evidence is available which shows individuals deliberately misled the fees office, it is highly unlikely that there could be a successful prosecution"

From their own definitions on dishonesty:


"The Ghosh (Note: [1982] 1QB 1053) definition applies:

) Was what was done dishonest by the ordinary standards of reasonable and honest people?
) Must the Defendant have realised that what he was doing was, by those standards, dishonest?

***It should be remembered that the question of 'dishonesty' is one for the jury*** and submissions of no case to answer should not be acceded based on the issue of dishonesty."

I am absolutely bloody furious. Again.

Gareth Williams

In the event of a nuclear war, we'd all be dead within half hour anyway. lol


I voted Lib Dem today, it was good to actually affect government, instead of rant about it. :)


Congrats Paul, you've made the Guardian...


Chris Carter

I saw you on the news this morning in your calls for Brown to step down as leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister.

I would just like to be the first to say, thankyou for your bravery in joining the calls for Brown to go. He has been an unmanouvreable, sluggish leader, and I believe Alan Johnson or David Milliband would do a much better job of leading us into the imminent election.

Lets just hope Labour is not split apart in these difficult times. I certainly hope other MP's will do the right thing, and do what is best for not only the party, but for the people, as will Gordon Brown.


Jolly Roger

So Purnell's jumped, that's no real loss.
He was the sort of Minister that didn't give a toss.
He's filled his pockets and done little more,
Than ensure that the disabled remain dirt poor.
As you're aware, I've got a case,
Against the DWP who deserve shame and disgrace.
So far, over the years, I've dealt with seven,
Secretaries of State, it might as well have been eleven.

Andrew Davies, John Huttton, and David Blunkett,
Darling, Purnell and Hain all flunk it.
They pass my case to any old minion,
And adjudicate on the basis of flawed opinion.
But one considered my case in person,
And therefore I will cast no aspersion,
Against Parliament's answer to Charlie Bronson.
That's right, you've got it, Alan Johnson.

Alan Johnson was the only one,
That saw merit in my case and didn't shun,
Responsibility and made a decision,
To end the DWP's claim of 'over-provision'.
But, unfortunately, like others, he was moved,
Before the finality of my case could be fully proved.
As an officially designated 'miserable old bleeder',
I nominate Alan Johnson as next Labour Leader.

Jolly Roger

Just what is that shining in the distance,
As expenses remove the last of my resistance?
An oasis of yellow in an over-red sea,
Beacon-like in it's luminosity.
Like a lonely little petunia in an onion patch,
An example that others should seek to match.
So thanks to Paul for saving us money,
In this land bereft of Milk and Honey.

I'm impressed with the Public's exe's suggestions,
Reading them helpfully aids my digestions.
They certainly merit full support,
And must be seen as the last resort,
In redeeming Politicians' diminished cred,
The Public's fed up of being bled.
So, good luck with your presentation,
If you can persuade them, you'll have our admiration.

Mark W-J

Good on you Paul for holding your head up and saying in public what a lot of Labour MPs are saying in private. Gordon is now a liability and should stand aside for the sake of the party and the country.

This would give nearly a year for a new PM to regroup and rebuild the party before another election. It would also give time to route out the minority MPs with dodgy expense claims so the electorate can know exactly who they are voting for.

David Cameron's constant bleating about calling an election now only serves his self interest and not the good of Parliament.

Who would you suggest would be a goo replacement for Gordon?

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