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May 10, 2009


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"So can we have some sense of perspective please!"

Happy to provide some.





How many of those people get a chance to say "Ooops, sorry, I'll pay it back?" and walk away?

Paul Flynn

A second home is accepted necessity for MPs living beyond commuting distance from Westminster. A television is a fairly basic requirement these days. What's wrong with that?


PF had a point in that until today all the media news (mostly hype) was directed at Labour MPS.
The media have at last realised that there is corruption in the HOC (oh shock horror, outrage).
The same corruption can be found in just about every British workplace.
But no doubt KT you declare every pence of your earnings including the Two grand you spent on the 20 Hands High shire horse that you evangelize from.

Chris Gale

Kate Hoey is a total disgrace to the Labour party. She should have declared an interest before making her silly statement as she writes for Torygraph...

As for expenses, compared to many other countries our parliamentary system is pretty squeaky clean. We live in relative comfort compared to a lot of the globe with system of support some would love. So can we have some sense of perspective please!

Kay Tie

But Tony, you don't understand - these MPs are guilty of being Labour. It's all a conspiracy by the media against the Party. Of course, the reports of Tory snouts in the trough are just to give the appearance of balance. No rules were broken and... Oh I can't keep a straight face any longer.


I have a friend who is moving house away from Cardiff and his job for family reasons
So he will need to find somewhere to stay in Cardiff during the week - and he is not being paid an allowance for that .. so there are lots of people in the same position who sort themselves out without large expense claims
But MP's do have allowances - but is a TV absolutely required ? The flat/apartment etc I'm happy with as that seems OK , but a lot of the rest seems over the top
- and what is making it worse is that MP's do not seem to see that
Its the whole entitlement culture when the country is in deep doo doo and it just grates
And Martins attack on Kate Hoey sounded pathetic - I think she is right - it looks daft to do this
I was at work this morning and not one , not one person was defending the MP's
Thsi has gone on for so long that I think people are fed up . the economy and finances are a mess and this looks like an easy target
I think I'd get a move on to fix this - June 4th beckons ..

Gavin Trott

I read your blog with interest & astonished that as an elected representative you still don't understand the public's concern over this issue. It's not the issue where a tv is delivered to, but the fact that you think it's ok for the tax payer to pay for it!! If you think that is acceptable then i suspect your constituents may disagree come next election time.

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