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April 01, 2009


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I'm so glad I remembered you posted instructions on the monthly onesies! Especially since you can't find the Old Navy ones anymore. These are MUCH better anyway! My little guy is going to be 2 mos on the 23rd, but I think I'll fudge and do a late 1 month shot so I have the whole "collection." TFS!!!

Kay Tie

"The Marr questions were not justified on the basis of bloggers' standard abuse."

It's not a tenuous claim. It really isn't. It's quite a specific claim, but as with much chatter from people who can't tell the difference (and couldn't really care about the difference) between "painkillers" and antidepressants, the follow-up claims are ignorant and in many cases abusive.

To the specific allegations. The contraindicated foods for MAOIs is exactly the list of foods that is on Gordon Brown's "won't eat" list. That's a pretty strong indicator he is on MAOIs. And if that's true then the fact that he's on MAOIs mean he will have been on SSRIs and they won't have worked.

If the above is all true then it's a pretty serious state of affairs that the Prime Minister's judgement is being affected by drugs. Just as Anthony Eden's state of mind led to major misjudgements over Suez, we have a right to know if Gordon Brown's judgement might be affected over an otherwise-incomprehensible stubbornness over Afghanistan.

You might be tempted to say that these allegations are "tittle tattle" but the suspicions are well-founded enough to justify asking the question - and to demand a truthful answer. Andrew Marr, of course, didn't ask a specific question about MAOIs and so the denial to his actual question is not relevant. This is covered very well by Damian Thompson in the Telegraph:


Paul Flynn

I have avoided blogging on this because the basis of the claim is so tenuous. Should we have known that Anthony Eden was unhinged with drugs when he initiated the Suez Crisis? Yes we should have. The Marr questions were not justified on the basis of bloggers' standard abuse.

Kay Tie

It's quite fun to go back and see these old postings after the passage of time. "Is Gordon Brown Insane?" has become "Which specific pills is Gordon Brown on?"

Paul Flynn

I will not disagree with that.

Bill Hoyt

Actually One Trillion Seconds equals 31,708 Years, 140 Days, 6 Hours, 49 Minutes, 48 Seconds.

This result takes into account that with our current calendar, the Gregorian Calendar specififies that in century years leap years occur every 400 years and in non-century years leap years occur every 4 years.

Kay Tie

"A trillion seconds is 31,688 years.Western civilisation has not been around a trillion seconds. "

Why pick on Western civilisation? No civilisation go as far back as a trillion seconds. Not even farming goes back that far. In fact, you're bumping into the dawn of modern humans (Cro-Magnon man appears about 50,000 years BCE).

Graham Marlowe

I heard a report of Brown using th "T" word on PM this afternoon. As I heard it, I wistfully looked back to the days when "Prudence" was his watchword. I honestly believe that his obsession with the word "globalisation" and his perception of being the King of Glob alisation has made him lose his reason.

Janet Daly (another of those awful sub-Melanie Phillips writers who remind you of the hags who knitted round the guillotene) and is forever forecasting doom, has written a piece in todays "Telegraph" entitled "Is Gordon Brown Insane?" and you do have to wonder, if, for once, she might have a point.....


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