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October 18, 2008


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Paul Flynn

Patrick, It's, the word of the moment, 'transformational' English designed to attract the attention of readers.
Typos have now been corrected. Thansk


"this is disturbing is that I am sure hat they has no interest in our views. The questions are loaded to get ideas ibto our heads that are favourable to their products."

PF - Is this some sort of new language that you are promoting or do you need a new keyboard?


I know constituents who are worried about the way this country is going tend to ask nasty questions. never mind.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Graham. The odd thing about this one is that it is entirely new. MPs are exposed daily to the wiles of those who want to bend our ears.
This is disturbing in that I am sure that they have no interest in our views. The questions are loaded to get ideas into our heads that are favourable to their products.

There is a code that prohibits it. We'll see if they have broken it.

Graham Marlowe

There are so many advertising scams on the internet Paul. the number of times I have been the "1,000,000th visitor" to a site, and if I will only press the radio button I will win $200,000. All that would happen if I did so would be to infest the computer with Malware.

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